Dear Reader,

First I would like to thank you for your interest in this matter, and would like to assure you that I will relate the story as faithfully as I can.  Before I begin may I please express something up front.  The people that I met as a whole are nice, hospitable, and family oriented.  Many have a fear of GOD and are very devote.  But there is a problem which underlies all relationships, it has to do with race, tribe, political view, and religion.  And it would suffice to say that this little spot of the world has it all.

I am a Christian and a worshiper of Jehovah God, the Creator of  the Heavens, the Earth, and the Sea.  I have no political aspirations, nor do I elevate one race above another.  Nor am I interested in being pulled into a quagmire of who’s right, who’s wrong, who has legal rights to what.  This story is about something that transcends all race, nationality, tribal background, or political persuasion.  It concerns every human being that is on this planet, the truthfulness of the Bible and the account of “The Deluge and Noah.”

By telling this story I will break long kept secrets, secrets that span thousands of years.  But this story doesn’t belong to one group of men, it concerns us all, since we the human race of today, owe our existence to what one man did in saving himself, his son Japheth, Shem, and Ham along with their wives’.  They are our Mothers, and Fathers, and what rest upon that mountain in Turkey is our connection to an Antediluvian World, and our future.  It is no fairy tale.

My story begins as a boy hearing the story of the flood.  I listened with interest and as I grew I would always be open to information about the flood.  I dreamed like many of you of one day going to Ararat and finding the Ark or at least seeing it.  Never did I doubt that it was there, just whether I would ever be able to go.  I was born in 1965 and experienced the 70’s in the countryside.  As a young man Ararat area was closed because of the Cold War, and after I was married, my dreams of going seemed like they would never happen.

Then when I was 44 I saw a website and with the Chinese Christian group in the news thought that it would be great to go over there and see what they discovered.  Also 2010 saw record heat wave in Europe and Asia, and I thought that now was the time if there ever was a time to go.  Before a war erupted and shut the area down again. 

I found a tour agency run by Saffet in Turkey. In my conversation with Saffet I let him know that I wasn’t interested in summating Ararat.  I wanted to go to where the Chinese had excavated.  He told me that it was ‘forbidden to search for Noah’s Ark,’ we could though see the scenery, and sites of Ararat.

To me this was fantastic.  So after much correspondence I applied for permits for Bob and myself to climb.  This process took several months so I did this in early summer.

But this time I did something different.  I was thinking that really the Ark was the personal property of Jehovah God.  Perhaps no one ever asked him if it would be OK to go to his mountain and take pictures.  So I made it a matter of prayer, and by the time of the trip I had saved enough for myself, and my friend Bob who is a Mechanicle Engineer. We have been friends for over 35 years.  When I told my wife that I was going she was surprisingly supportive and so the Trip was set for Mid October of 2010.

Then my wife said that she was going to take our daughter on a trip to Florida in September, so I decided to move it forward to September 11th of 2010.  The date was purely coincidental.

This is what happened on the Trip.